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 independent writing #169:why is music important to people?

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: independent writing #169:why is music important to people?   Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:01 am

People listen to music for deffenrent reasons and at defferent times. Why is music important to people? Use specific reasons and example to explanyour answer.


Intro: From the old days, music is important part of human. We create music to describe and to enjoy our life. It has become one of the specific of human and become indispensable with our emoton life.

Paragraph 1: Music is a part of our life.
- From we were children, we learn about life from lullabies
- Music is important part of our occasion such as birthday, wedding or new year's day...
Paragraph 2: Music is a part of history.
- Hisory of human is connect closely with music so we can learn about our history from old music.
- Music from old times has become the great heritage to us.
Paragraph 3: Music is a popular way to entertainment.
- There are many kind of music that can suit tastes of defferent people.
- We can listen pop music when we happy and can find classic music to listen if we feeling sad.
- Through music, we can express our feelings and emotions.

Conclusion: For these reasons above, we can see how important music is to our life. we can not live without music.
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independent writing #169:why is music important to people?
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